Bolt working on signature shoe line

Usain Bolt

Recently retired track legend Usain Bolt has revealed that a signature shoe line with major sponsors Puma is among the things currently in the pipelines.

The decorated double world record holder has been one of the sports and lifestyle apparel company’s biggest names for almost a decade.  Despite his numerous accomplishments, both on and off the track, however, having his own individual signature line of products has never been among them.  With Puma’s recent collaboration that includes several other celebrities doing well and plenty of time to spare having recently ended his track and field career, Bolt hopes not having his own shoe is an issue that can soon be rectified.

“We’re working on it.  It’s in the pipeline.  For me, that was a big thing.  When I actually got my pose I was like listen it’s just like Jordan we’re going to work on it,” Bolt said in an interview on Sneaker Shopping.   

“I put it on my spikes (signature pose) but now that I’m retired I told them that we need to get into it and make a shoe.  Let’s go with something similar to that Jordan sign, I got mine so it works out.  It’s definitely something we are working on.” 

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Usain Bolt: Puma