Logan Paul signs with WWE

By Sports Desk June 30, 2022

YouTube and social media star Logan Paul has signed a deal with WWE.

The 27-year-old appeared at WrestleMania 37 last year and made his in-ring debut at this year's event in April.

Paul announced on his personal Twitter account on Thursday that he has signed with the wrestling organisation, with the contract reported to run through until next year.

Paul Levesque, WWE's head of Global Talent Strategy and Development, tweeted: "I think it’s safe to say Logan Paul shocked the world with his abilities as a guest at WrestleMania.

"Just imagine what he'll do as a WWE Superstar. Congratulations and welcome!"

Paul shared a boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather prior to his run in WWE and lasted the full eight rounds, with no winner announced.

His younger brother, Jake Paul, has found success in boxing and is scheduled to fight Tommy Fury on August 6.

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    Tony Khan is hoping for an August bank holiday weekend to remember – culminating in the “most exciting” experience of his life at All Elite Wrestling’s All In show at Wembley.

    Fulham’s director of football will be in the capital for their Premier League trip to Arsenal on Saturday, August 26 before spending the evening celebrating his mother’s birthday.

    The next day will see professional wrestling return to Wembley Stadium for the first time in 31 years, with Khan’s own promotion – AEW – hosting a show that has already sold over 70,000 tickets without a match being announced.

    “I think it’ll be a lot of emotions at once, to go to such a familiar place to me and my family where we’ve had some of our greatest memories,” Khan told the PA news agency about heading back to Wembley, where he has seen Fulham twice win the Sky Bet Championship play-off final and watched the Jacksonville Jaguars – the NFL franchise owned by his father and with whom he holds an executive position.

    “If you look at my Twitter account, my header – the background – is celebrating at Wembley Stadium at the final whistle (of the play-off final).

    “That was the greatest day of my life to this point, now I’m so happy that this summer I have to look forward to AEW: All In.

    “It’s going to be a great weekend because August 26 is my mother’s 75th birthday – we will go up to north London for Arsenal vs Fulham on Saturday and celebrate my mother’s 75th birthday after I get done with the AEW production meeting.

    “I’m sure we’ll have a lovely evening in Mayfair, hopefully celebrating a good performance at Arsenal, I hope, and then August 27 is going to be a cultural event.”

    While professional wrestling has its share of detractors, Khan insists the sheer volume of tickets shifted for All In – with over 35,000 sold in a pre-sale event – proves it belongs on the Wembley stage.

    Asked about the sales, Khan added: “Well, it definitely beat projections!

    “It was absolutely the right choice for AEW to debut in the UK at Wembley Stadium and the support from the fans and ticket sales have been unbelievable – it was a bold choice to book AEW at Wembley but it has been vindicated and we haven’t even announced any matches yet.

    “For me, personally, it is the most excited I’ve ever been for any event in my entire life.

    “In 2018, truly one of the greatest experiences of my life was being at Wembley Stadium in the Royal Box when Fulham on our promotion to the Premier League and it feels like it was so long ago.

    “Honestly, I was in the Royal Box and I had my notebook and certainly AEW was in there as something I wanted to work on.

    “It’s my dream, truly my dream. One my dreams was to bring a big pay-per-view event to Wembley and I actually had written a script for one in 2006 when I was at University of Illinois and it wasn’t the first time I thought about doing wrestling at Wembley – that was over 17 years ago.

    “I’ve always wanted to bring a great wrestling event to Wembley Stadium. It’s definitely been a dream of mine and I’m very optimistic that it can be AEW’s finest hour when we debut.”

  • Sierra Brown Ton: Pursuing Her Passion to Represent Jamaica at the Olympic Games Sierra Brown Ton: Pursuing Her Passion to Represent Jamaica at the Olympic Games

    Sierra Brown Ton, a 23-year-old female wrestler hailing from the United States, is making waves in the wrestling world as she sets her sights on representing Jamaica at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

    Despite having the opportunity to try out for the USA wrestling team, Brown Ton's desire to don the Jamaican colors stems from her deep-rooted connection to the country and her eagerness to promote and expand the sport in Jamaica.

    Brown Ton's journey into wrestling began when she was just 13 years old. Inspired by watching WWE matches with her father, she had always aspired to be a wrestler.

    However, it wasn't until her brother needed a practice partner that she had her first taste of the sport. Fearlessly stepping into a room full of boys, Brown Ton's determination and hunger for wrestling only grew stronger. Throughout middle school and high school, she competed against boys since there were no girls' teams available.

     Attending Erickson Middle School and later Allen High School, Brown Ton's passion for wrestling grew alongside her dedication to academics.

    She made the tough decision to focus on her studies, sacrificing state championships, in order to pursue her dream of wrestling in college. It was during her junior year in high school that she discovered women's wrestling in college, sparking a new goal in her wrestling career.

    Currently studying business at the University of Iowa, Brown Ton aims to attend law school after graduation. She aspires to become a criminal attorney or specialize in litigation. Although she understands that her law career may evolve as she progresses through law school, her passion for the field remains strong.

    Brown Ton's Jamaican roots play a significant role in her decision to represent Jamaica. While she was born and raised in the United States, her father and grandmother, Yulimira Stewart Ton are Jamaican.

    They instilled in her a strong sense of Jamaican culture, and every summer, Brown Ton and her family would visit Jamaica to connect with their heritage.

    “My father, my grandma, my mom’s dad, he’s from Jamaica and I may not have been raised in Jamaica but my father, my grandma, that side of the family always made it important and put effort for me to a part of Jamaican culture,” she said.

    Her father, Esh’Chadar, a Muay Thai world champion, also influenced her athletic upbringing, imparting speed and athleticism to Brown Ton and her siblings – two brothers and two sisters.

    Brown Ton officially obtained her Jamaican passport, solidifying her eligibility to compete for Jamaica.

    She reveals that the decision to represent Jamaica though influenced by her roots, was hers and hers alone.

    “I just thought it was an opportunity to expand Jamaica and put them on a platform. I mean, you heard about bobsledding. You don’t match that with Jamaica. And when you hear about female wrestling, you’re like ‘Oh, there’s female wrestling?’”

    She recognizes that qualifying for the Olympics requires a rigorous process, including winning at the Pan American Games in May and participating in international tournaments.

    However, she is resolute in her determination to reach the highest level of the sport, irrespective of the qualifying challenges.

    The support from her family, coaches, and teammates drives Brown Ton's confidence. They believe in her abilities, and she mirrors their belief in herself.

    Brown Ton's patient approach, paired with her unwavering determination, keeps her focused on her long-term goals. She remains unfazed by the opponents she may face, choosing to concentrate on her own performance rather than dwell on the names and reputations of her rivals.

    Sierra's dreams of competing in the Pan Am Games were shattered when an unexpected setback forced her to miss out on the Olympic qualifier.

    Unfortunately, an injury she had sustained earlier hadn't healed sufficiently, according to her coaches. It was a devastating blow for Sierra, who had been diligently working towards the Games for months including competing at the Caribbean Games qualifiers in December 2022.

    The injury had initially occurred during a rigorous training session, and Sierra's coaches had played a significant role in her recovery process.

    They had provided constant guidance, support, and expert medical advice, ensuring that Sierra received the best possible treatment. However, despite their efforts, time had not been on her side, and the injury didn't heal as quickly as anticipated.

    Sierra's coaches, Head Coach Clarissa Chun, Associate Head Coach Gary Mayabb and Assistant Coach Tonya Verbeek, always focused on their athletes' well-being and long-term performance, made the difficult decision to prioritize her health over her immediate goals.

    They understood the importance of allowing sufficient time for proper healing to prevent further damage and potential long-term consequences. Their influence and expertise were crucial in ensuring Sierra's overall well-being and athletic longevity.

    Though disappointed, Sierra remained grateful for the guidance and care provided by her coaches. Their decision, while difficult, was made with her best interests in mind.

    With their support, Sierra resolved to channel her energy into a comprehensive rehabilitation program, aiming to come back stronger and more resilient than ever.

    While missing out on the Pan Am Games was undoubtedly a setback, Sierra's injury served as a valuable lesson in resilience and the importance of proper recovery. She recognized the influence of her coaches not only in her athletic development but also in their unwavering commitment to her overall well-being.

    Sierra's journey is far from over, and with the support of her coaches, she was determined to overcome this obstacle and return to the competitive arena stronger and more determined than ever before.

  • Logan Paul re-signs with WWE on multi-year contract Logan Paul re-signs with WWE on multi-year contract

    Social media star Logan Paul has re-signed with WWE on a multi-year contract.

    The 28-year-old made his in-ring debut with the promotion at WrestleMania 38 last year, and was on the card for this year's event earlier this month.

    Paul's contract had expired following the conclusion of the company's flagship event, but he has now penned a fresh deal that will ensure future appearances.

    "I feel incredibly blessed to have found something that I'm good at, at 28 years old," he told ESPN.

    "The fact that the organisation believes I'm good enough to continue hopefully building this WWE legacy is mind-blowing. As long as I can keep putting on good shows, I'm going to keep doing this sport."

    Paul came to sporting prominence with a professional boxing bout against fellow online personality KSI and previously fought Floyd Mayweather Jr in an exhibition match in 2021.

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