Sada Williams breaks Barbados national 200m record with a roar at GC Foster Classic

By March 10, 2024

In a dazzling display of unexpected speed, two-time World Championship 400m bronze medalist Sada Williams of Barbados set the track ablaze at the GC Foster Classic in Spanish Town on Saturday. Williams, who trains with the MVP Track Club in Jamaica, not only secured victory but also shattered her country’s national record with a scintillating time of 22.59.

As she crossed the finish line, Williams couldn't contain her joy, letting out a scream that echoed the magnitude of her achievement. The 26-year-old athlete's triumph was not just a personal victory but a testament to her resilience and commitment to excellence.

Williams dominated the field, leaving her MVP teammates Natasha Morrison and Tina Clayton in her wake. Both Morrison and Clayton delivered commendable performances with season-best times of 23.53 and 23.65, respectively. However, it was Williams who raced to victory with a significant lead.

Explaining the jubilant screams, Williams shared with Sportsmax.TV, "Yes, because I haven’t run that fast since 2016 (when she ran 22.61 as a junior). I was just hoping that the wind was legal. I wasn’t expecting much in the 200m, so I guess this only shows how fast I’ll run in the 400m this season, so I’m very excited to see how that goes. I did not think I was going to come out here and run that fast."

The arduous nature of her training was evident in her post-race comments. "Training is rough, training is rough. Every day I am just trying to survive. Every day is a constant battle, so I am just trying to survive and hope for the best for another season," she declared.

Reflecting on whether this year's training was more challenging than the past two seasons, during which she earned bronze medals at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon and Budapest, Williams admitted, "That’s a good question. Maybe. All I could tell is that it’s just rough right now, that’s why I was so shocked about the time because I have been dying the past three weeks."

The Barbadian sprinter is not one to rest on her laurels, as she looks ahead to another challenge – another 200m race in Miramar, Florida in a few weeks. When asked about the expectations in Barbados, Williams expressed confidence in the support she receives. "I know everybody is just hoping that I can make it on the podium for Paris. I know they’ll be very excited as they are every year."

As her fame continues to soar, Williams admitted to slowly getting used to her celebrity status in Barbados where she has received national honours as well as enjoyed ambassadorial roles for companies in the private sector.

 She anticipates the reactions of her fellow Barbadians, eagerly awaiting their support and enthusiasm. "I am slowly getting used to it. I guess that if I was in Barbados I would be more pronounced …everywhere I go everybody would be at me, so seeing as I am in Jamaica it isn’t as obvious. But I am slowly getting used to it, so I can't wait to see their reaction."


Leighton Levy

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