Playing two teams at once unfair!!! - fake Trump ... How the Internet found humour in US World Cup exit

Donald Trump fake tweet

A fake tweet that takes a shot at United States president Donald Trump is among the many ways the internet poked fun at the country’s shock elimination from the World Cup qualifiers by Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday.

With all the recent furore surrounding IQ tests, the real Donald Trump is unlikely to be a fan of this bit of fake news, which purports that the US president is ignorant of the fact that Trinidad and Tobago is, in fact just one country.


Your Donald J. Trump Fake Tweet - Totally unfair that USMNT had to play Trinidad AND Tobago at the same time. FIFA, an org run by losers, has always been against America!!


“Totally unfair that USNMT had to play Trinidad AND Tobago at the same time.  FIFA an org run by losers, has always been against America!!!

Read the humorous statement created via fake tweet website Tweeterino.  The post got some love as it was retweeted some 48,903 times and received 134,972 likes.

The USA, long considered the second best team in the region behind Mexico, were expected to easily advance to the tournament set for Russia next year but saw their campaign end abruptly after a shock 2-1 defeat to 99th ranked Trinidad and Tobago. 

While the majority of fans of the country’s national programme reacted with anger, some still managed to see the funny side of the issue.  Below are a few of the best posts.







When the U.S. loses to Trinidad & Tobago and gets knocked out of the 2018 World Cup:








U.S. Men's National Team falls to Trinidad and Tobago, misses first World Cup since 1986 

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