Wray & Nephew to lift Sunshine Girls spirits with three-year multi-million-dollar sponsorship deal

By Sports Desk August 08, 2022

Jamaica’s Sunshine Girls, silver medallists at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England have attracted a lucrative three-year contract from Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum, the company announced on Sunday.

Wray & Nephew will support the Jamaica Senior Netball Team and Netball Jamaica, the governing body for netball in the country, to the tune of $14 million in cash. This partnership will be an initial three-relationship, with an option for renewal thereafter.

According to a statement released by the company on Sunday, the same day the team played in their first-ever netball final at the Commonwealth Games, over the years, there have been calls for public and private sector support to match the successes of the “Sunshine Girls,” who have had consistent world-class displays on the global stage.

“Their moments of heroism include medal-winning displays at past Netball World Cup and Commonwealth Games. The 2022 staging of the latter is currently ongoing, with Jamaica’s historic triumph over Australia in the Games already one for the books,” the statement said.

An elated Tricia Robinson, President of Netball Jamaica, expressed her gratitude to Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum for coming on board.

Pavel Smith, Marketing Manager, J. Wray & Nephew Limited, says his team is honoured to partner with The Girls and their Federation.

“The Sunshine Girls have consistently showcased to the world, what true Jamaican character and spirit looks like by Jaminating their competitors against all odds,” Smith said.

“As an integral part of the fabric of Jamaican culture, Wray Rum believes that it is important for us to sponsor the trailblazing senior Sunshine Girls senior programme. The $14 million cash support over the course of three years, will go towards their gears, local transportation, international travel, and other recurring expenses, that they have been vocal to the public about.”

For the brand, each of the $14 million in cash support represents the 14 parishes of Jamaica, which mirrors Wray Rum’s currently available Parish Collection, to mark Jamaica’s 60th Independence.

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    Members of the team, who were feted by title sponsor Spectrum Systems at the Jamaica Pegasus on Thursday, are looking forward to competing in the Production Optics Division. Yeonnie Campbell, Renee Rhickie, Sasha Mullings, Shayon Francis and Kayla Keane will make the trip to Florida where over 28 countries from Central, North and South America will compete over various divisions.

    The Super-Six squad had intensified their tactical training under the watchful eyes of coaches Andy Yap and Anthony Johnson and their fitness levels have been enhanced thanks to physiotherapy courtesy of Spectrum Systems.

    Team member Shayon Francis is satisfied with preparations going into the championships,

    “We will be competing against shooters who have been doing this for years so we started training up to four times per week instead of just twice daily. Our physical training has really helped to improve our agility and speed going into the championships as a result,” she said.

     For this reason and others, Sasha Mullings, the team captain, believes they are ready to perform at their best.

     “I know we will perform well in Florida and I know this will boost more interest in the sport from licensed firearm holders. We are ready," she said.

     The team’s participation at the championships was made possible through a multimillion-dollar sponsorship from Spectrum Systems who will cover airfare, accommodation and match rounds.

    Andrew Stanigar, the Managing Director of Spectrum Systems believes the women will represent the country well in Florida.

    "I have seen these ladies rise to the challenge to beat the best male shooters in Jamaica and they did that through teamwork, ingenuity and strategy," he said. "I am confident that they are going to make Jamaica proud."

    Also in attendance at the send-off ceremony were Jamaica Rifle Association President Major John Nelson and Formula Woman Driver Sara Misir who offered words of encouragement to the women.

  • Melbourne Cricket Club President Mark Neita hopeful US Ambassador Perry can help revival of Jamaica's cricket Melbourne Cricket Club President Mark Neita hopeful US Ambassador Perry can help revival of Jamaica's cricket

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    Born in Jamaica, Ambassador Perry, an alum of Kingston College, helped promote the growth of the sport in the United States during his tenure as a New York State Assemblyman and earned him the right to be inducted. 

    “I did everything I could to make sure that New York’s government recognized the importance of cricket to the Caribbean-American Diaspora and that we are given rights and privileges to use the public parks and public sites to play the game we love,” he said in his acceptance speech during the induction ceremony at the Melbourne Cricket Club on Friday.

    Neita is hopeful that as the US Ambassador to Jamaica, he will do the same in the country of his birth.

    “I think it’s very significant. The fact is the United States of America is going to be the next big cricket market and when you have somebody like the ambassador, who is passionate about the game of cricket and is prepared to help, I think it bodes well for the future of a lot of our youngsters,” Neita told Sportsmax. TV.

    “I certainly hope that now that he is an inductee in the Cricket Hall of Fame it will open up the channels for us to have a very robust discussion about cricket, how we can develop the game, how the connection between the United States and Jamaica can be strengthened, how we can get gears here at discounted prices because we all know that the duty on cricket gear is prohibitive sometimes for our youngsters to get fully clothed for a game.”

    His last point about the cost of cricket gear was an issue brought up at the induction ceremony by Executive Chairman of the Hall of Fame Mike Chambers.

    Chambers mentioned that gear costing US$400 (approximately JMD$61,000) that was donated in Jamaica attracted duties amounting to more than JMD$100,000.

    Neita expounded, explaining that the exorbitant duty has put a damper on the sport in Jamaica.

    “The fact of the matter is that the high cost of the gear has a very negative impact on our young cricketers,” he said.

    “It is almost up to the club for us to help to support the cricketers with all their gear because the reality is this; for a young player, say 12 or 13 years old, to be fully suited with a cricket bat, pair of pads, helmet, thigh pads, boots you’re talking about 60 to 70 thousand Jamaican dollars, and most of that is duty.

    I just had an experience recently where I brought in a pair of cricket boots for one of my young cricketers because it was unavailable here, it cost me 35,000 Jamaican dollars just for duty alone and the shoes cost 120 Pounds; I mean that to me is just ridiculous.

     “Look around, you have fewer people playing cricket, fewer schools playing cricket and so we need to start about how to do something for the sport.”

    He hopes that Ambassador Perry will be able to help with matters such as this.

    “And this is why this is so important. I am sorry there weren’t members of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) here but this is a significant moment for us and I think this ambassador is passionate about the sport and I am almost certain that he is going to be a big asset to turn back some of that negativity when it comes to pricing the gear and the connection between Jamaica and the United States, so this is very positive,” Neita said.

    “We are excited about this. I think it’s a significant event and I think the future is very bright for this collaboration between the US and Jamaica in terms of cricket.”

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