Recently retired West Indies cricketer Marlon Samuels seems intent on carrying over his most recent feuds with Australian bowling legend Shane Warne and England all-rounder Ben Stokes into his new career.

Despite having not featured for the Windies since 2018, Samuels only officially retired from international cricket this week.  Last week, however, the player made the headlines with vulgar comments regarding Warne, Stokes, and his wife.

The West Indian was heavily criticised by some in the aftermath of the incident, but it seems Samuels is not quite ready to let things go as he has now promised more in an upcoming music track.  Samuels, who has transitioned into entertainment with the stage name Icon, recently revealed, via his Instagram account, that the track will be called Worst Enemy.

“Me just finish the baddest diss song with all 4 of them names.  There is nothing in this world that I can’t do punks.  I will be releasing it to the world, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Caribbean every media house,” wrote Samuels, who has now also included comments about Good Morning Britain television host Piers Morgan on the track.  Morgan had also been critical of Samuels in the aftermath of the incident.

“Piers Morgan.  How you reach ina this?   I can’t remember seeing you around the game of cricket.  That’s not how you speak to a legend.  Yu need to go take a picture at Lords with my number 7 jersey.  Am going live Friday worldlord style.  Got some questions to ask,” Samuels said.

Legendary Australia spinner Shane Warne has claimed West Indies batsman Marlon Samuels needs ‘serious help’ after recent posts that denigrated both the bowler himself and England all-rounder, Ben Stokes.

The comments, which were posted to Samuels’ Instagram page, called Stokes a ‘bitch’ and a ‘white boy’ and also made lewd suggestions regarding the player’s wife.  The comments came after Stokes recently revealed his difficult experiences in New Zealand quarantine, which he insisted he would not visit on his worst enemy, 'not even Marlon Samuels'.  Stokes and Samuels have been part of a long-running feud that goes back to 2015 but the level of vitriol caught many by surprise.

Warne and Samuels have also had a fierce rivalry over the years but it’s not clear what the trigger was to involve the former spinner this time around.  In criticising Warne, Samuels brought up an alleged incident involving a girlfriend of the Australian and claimed he was ‘begging jobs in cricket.’

In a terse response, Warne claimed Samuels had no friends at all and that not even his ex-teammates never liked him.  He urged the player to get help.

“I've just been sent what Samuels has posted re @benstokes & I.  It's a very sad situation as he obviously needs serious help - but has no friends at all & not even his ex-teammates like him.  Just because you were an ordinary cricketer - no need to be an ordinary person. Get help son,” Warne said via his Twitter feed.