Melbourne Storm will relocate to the New South Wales border to prepare for the resumption of the NRL season.

The Storm will initially set up their training camp in the NSW border town of Albury, with the coronavirus-hit NRL campaign set to return on May 28.

COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria have forced the Storm to travel outside of the state after the NRL season was postponed through just two rounds on March 23.

The Storm, who took part in Monday's educational workshop with all 16 clubs ahead of a return to training activities on Wednesday, will train privately at the Albury Thunder rugby league ground and have sole use of an accommodation venue.

"We would like to thank the Victorian Government for the consideration they gave to having our team remain in Victoria, but ultimately we understand why that is not possible at this time," said Storm chief executive Dave Donaghy, who added the training base would be re-assessed at the end of the first week.

"We also thank the NSW Government for their support of the temporary arrangements that have been put in place for Melbourne Storm in Albury.

"Internally, we have agreed that Albury presents the best option for our opening training week as the team prepares for the recommencement of the season.

"As challenging as it may be, the team will head to Albury with a positive mindset and use the camp as a way to reconnect with each other after a six-week hiatus.  

"Of course, we will continue discussions with the Government about options in Victoria beyond then and we hope to return to AAMI Park soon.

"Our thanks also go to everyone at Albury who has helped us with arrangements for this camp, as well as the various people we have been in contact with at Mulwala-Yarrawonga, which ultimately was not possible due to the location of the training oval."

The Storm's training group will include 32 players and 18 football department staff as Donaghy added: "With the help of the NRL, we will be implementing stringent health and safety protocols for our players and staff to protect their health, and that of the community, as well as providing the best possible training environment.

"During the period until Project Apollo restrictions are eased, all of our players will have their health closely monitored daily, and will be in their accommodation in Albury, or back at their home in Melbourne, unless at club training or match day. 

"This will be unlike any camp the club has ever done previously and our players are already well aware of that. And while we know we have many members and fans in the Albury region, unfortunately, because of the strict restrictions, our players and training venue will be off limits to the public. We're sure they will understand the reasons why and like us are very much looking forward to the season recommencing at the end of the month."

Latrell Mitchell and Josh Addo-Carr have been charged with firearms offences, while each received fines from the NRL for flouting social-distancing rules at a controversial camp over the weekend.

New South Wales police said South Sydney Rabbitohs back Mitchell, 22, has been issued with a Future Court Attendance Notice for the offence of give firearm to person not authorised by licence/permit. His firearms license was suspended by police and a number of firearms seized.

Addo-Carr, 24, was also issued a Future Court Attendance Notice for the offence of use unauthorised firearm. The Melbourne Storm winger was allegedly filmed using a firearm belonging to Mitchell over the weekend.

The pair are expected to appear at Taree Local Court on August 4.

The news followed sanctions from the NRL for breaking guidelines on social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Both players were hit with 50,000 Australian dollar fines and a one-match ban, which was suspended. Sixty per cent of their fines have also been suspended for the remainder of the season.

Addo-Carr posted pictures to social media which appeared to show 10 men around a campfire.

Newcastle Knights player Tyronne Roberts-Davis was seen in one of the photos. He was fined 10,000 AUD, 60 per cent of which was suspended, and handed a one-match suspended ban.

Australian Rugby League Commission chairman Peter V'landys reminded the players of their responsibilities.

"It is important that, in these challenging times, we all have to work together to combat COVID-19 and compliance with public health orders is a critical requirement," he said in an NRL statement.

"The players have to understand that they are putting the game and the community at risk by their actions.

"It's certainly hard to accept such behaviour when the game is doing everything it can to persuade the community that its players are responsible and behave appropriately."

NRL acting CEO Andrew Abdo added: "It's important the players understand that they are held to a higher account. I think we've got to look at this in two phases. The players are not in the care of the clubs at the moment, they've been stood down and are subject to the public health order.

"As we enter into the training period and the second phase the protocols are significantly higher. We are all humans, humans make mistakes and there are consequences for those mistakes."

In an Instagram video posted on Monday Mitchell apologised for the gathering, saying: "I have been up here with my family for four or five weeks practising social distancing.

"It was a little bit of a slip-up. Foxy [Addo-Carr] reached out, his cousins are going through a bit of stuff up in Sydney.

"He just wanted to get up to the bush and make sure they were getting cultured and connected again. That was the whole part of the concept of what the weekend was. I wasn't here to break any rules or hurt anyone.

"We're not being selfish, I couldn't turn down the brothers in a time of need. On behalf of Foxy and all my mob, we do want to apologise."

Addo-Carr added in his own video: "Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my actions this weekend.

"Nothing was intentional or deliberate, a couple of family members of mine were going through a really tough time at the moment and I got in contact with Latrell to go out to his private property and try and connect to our culture again and try and put a smile on their faces and have a bit of fun as well."

A fourth player, Nathan Cleary, was handed the same punishment as Roberts-Davis.

The Penrith Panthers man was photographed among a group of women at his home on Anzac Day, with house visits currently restricted.

South Sydney Rabbitohs star Latrell Mitchell and Melbourne Storm's Josh Addo-Carr apologised for breaking social-distancing rules.

The NRL duo were pictured breaking rules amid the coronavirus pandemic and police said on Monday they were investigating the matter.

Mitchell and Addo-Carr apologised later on Monday, with the incident a blow to the NRL as it plans to restart its season on May 28.

"Firstly, I just want to apologise on my actions this weekend," Mitchell said in a video posted on Instagram.

"I've been up here with my family for the last four to five weeks and practising the social distancing and stuff and it was a little bit of a slip-up, but 'Foxy' reached out, had his cousins that are going through a bit of stuff in Sydney so he just wanted to get away up to the bush and make sure that they're getting cultured and connected again and that's the whole part of the concept of [what] this weekend was.

"He wasn't here to break any rules or hurt anyone, we're not being selfish. Look, I couldn't turn down the brothers in a time of need so just wanted to let you know on behalf of me and 'Foxy' and all my mob, we do apologise."

In his own video, Addo-Carr said: "Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my actions this weekend.

"Nothing was intentional or deliberate, a couple of family members of mine were going through a really tough time at the moment and I got in contact with Latrell to go out to his private property and try and connect to our culture again and try and put a smile on their faces and have a bit of fun as well.

"I can't wait to go out there and finally play some footy and, like I said before, I'm really sorry from the bottom of my heart."

The NRL labelled Latrell Mitchell and Josh Addo-Carr's alleged breaking of social-distancing rules as "unacceptable" and "disappointing".

South Sydney Rabbitohs' Mitchell and Melbourne Storm's Addo-Carr were pictured breaking social-distancing rules, The Daily Telegraph reported, and police confirmed on Monday they were investigating.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the reported incident was a blow to the NRL as it plans to resume its season on May 28.

In a statement on Monday, the NRL slammed Mitchell and Addo-Carr and said it would support action against the pair.

"Our players are role models and we expect them to lead by example during this pandemic," it said.

"On face value, the image in today's media is both disappointing and an unacceptable breach of health orders.

"The NRL will be speaking to the players involved to seek further information and we will ensure the players provide any assistance authorities require.

"We are embarking on a significant education program to ensure our players understand what is acceptable behaviour ahead of the resumption of training.

"When training resumes our players and officials must comply with biosecurity protocols that go further than current government restrictions.

"As a group, our players have taken government health orders very seriously and have helped educate the community.

"On face value, today's matter is unacceptable and we support the government in any action they believe necessary."

Australia has seen more than 6,700 confirmed cases of coronavirus, including 83 deaths.

New South Wales Police will investigate Josh Addo-Carr and Latrell Mitchell after the NRL pair reportedly broke social-distancing rules amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Melbourne Storm's Addo-Carr and the South Sydney Rabbitohs' Mitchell were pictured ignoring rules during a trip in New South Wales, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph.

It shapes as a blow to the NRL, which has already faced criticism as it plans to resume its season on May 28.

New South Wales police deputy commissioner Gary Worboys confirmed on Monday that the report would be investigated.

"I've seen the same reports in the media. Of course police haven't been backward at all in taking complaints, commencing investigations and taking the appropriate actions," he told a news conference.

"At this point in time we will wait and see in the fulness of time about where we go with that matter."

He added: "The matter will be investigated. What action is taken will obviously fall out of that investigation."

Australia has seen more than 6,700 confirmed cases of coronavirus, including 83 deaths.

Melbourne Storm head coach Craig Bellamy lauded the leadership of Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) chairman Peter V'landys as the NRL plans to return on May 28.

The 2020 season is set to resume next month after the campaign was suspended through just two rounds on March 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 has brought sport to a standstill globally but the NRL has been relentless in its determination to restart the competition and Bellamy hailed V'landys.

"I think he's done a tremendous job," Storm boss Bellamy told ABC's Offsiders on Sunday.

"Like I say, it would be easy to sit back on your hands and just wait to see what other people are doing, or what the politicians, you know, are saying or whatever, and the medical people.

"But he's made a date, and let's try and make it work."

The Storm were one of six teams unbeaten after two games when the season was postponed last month.

Melbourne and the rest of the league are set to restart training on May 4, and the Storm are considering moving to the New South Wales border.

There are still travel restrictions across Australia as the NRL reportedly considers a Sydney-based season.

Discussing the possibility of moving to either Albury or Yarrawonga on the NSW border, Bellamy said: "Ideally we'd like longer than three weeks to get ready for the competition if it is to start on May 28, but there's a lot of things that aren't ideal at the moment so we will make do."

Melbourne Storm and Queensland prop Christian Welch said he has no issue with Sydney staging all three State of Origin matches this year, provided no fans are in attendance.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought sport to a standstill globally, including the NRL – which is planning to restart the 2020 season on May 28 after the competition was postponed last month.

While the NRL is determined to resume, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has cast doubt over the campaign and the status of this year's State of Origin series amid travel restrictions in Australia.

Sydney is reportedly ready to host all three State of Origin games – should the series go ahead between the Queensland Maroons and New South Wales Blues.

Asked if he would be concerned about the entire series being staged in enemy territory, Welch – who made his Origin debut last year – told Stats Perform: "I can't imagine crowds being there. To be honest, it's going to be another footy field if there's no crowds.

"I'd probably be annoyed if there'd be 80,000 fans supporting the Blues. No dramas for me, but it would be different if there were crowds."

The NRL season was halted through just two rounds on March 23 due to COVID-19, with the Storm among six teams to have won their opening two games.

Storm players have been forced to train individually but Craig Bellamy's men are set to come together on May 4, ahead of the proposed season restart.

Reflecting on the unusual situation, Welch said: "It's not ideal, it's not ideal for everyone but just doing your best is all you can do. We're just in a holding pattern at the moment and trying to maintain our fitness.

"You work so hard over pre-season and you want to put it work and we're just trying to hold onto that. It is a bit harder being isolated and away from the group and structured training but most of the boys are driven individuals, we're doing plenty of stuff to stay connected as a playing squad, even though we're spread all over Australia and New Zealand."

Welch saw a lucrative move to Parramatta Eels dashed by a second anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury last year, but it is all about perspective for the 25-year-old.

The Queenslander, who has used the NRL shutdown to watch Netflix, complete jigsaw puzzles and host a Storm trivia night, made headlines earlier this month following his caring act, which saw him calling vulnerable elderly people facing loneliness and anxiety amid the coronavirus crisis.

"I'm realistic, I'm off contract and coming off an ACL contract, so it's also in my best interests to hopefully get back onto the field this season to show that I have returned to my best form. It's a two-edged sword for that," added Welch, who insisted spirits are still high at the Storm.

"It's all about perspective. There's a lot of people in our society who are doing it a lot worse than us footballers, whether that's health wise on ventilators and passing away, and the economy – a lot of people are out of work. Delaying our competition is nothing compared to the real issues the rest of Australia is going through."

Welch continued: "We're lucky to be professional athletes and this is our job to play footy and prepare. The boys have just adjusted, it's part and parcel of the job."

Melbourne Storm head coach Craig Bellamy slammed the "unfair" demand from Sydney Roosters chairman Nick Politis to scrap competition points when the NRL resumes following the coronavirus outbreak.

The NRL is planning to restart the coronavirus-hit season on May 28 after the 2020 campaign was suspended following just two rounds on March 23 due to COVID-19.

Politis told The Daily Telegraph that if existing points were not wiped, the competition would become "meaningless".

The Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) has already aborted the concept of a radical proposal to scrap the opening two rounds of competition points, but Bellamy still hit out at Politis.

"Our season was postponed after the first two rounds, it wasn't scrapped," Bellamy, whose Storm were among six teams to have won their first two fixtures prior to the postponement, told the Herald Sun.

"I'm thinking if it's postponed then we continue on as we did before. I think [Nick's demand] is unfair. You're going to be upsetting a lot of fans.

"The determination was our competition was postponed …. we didn't say that we are ending this competition and starting another one later on, it was we are postponing our season."

Bellamy added: "Nick coming out and saying that, obviously he’s just trying to look after his own club.

"At the end of the day, the six clubs that have won their first two games, and obviously there is some clubs that have won one game as well, have fought pretty hard to win those games and I know we did."


The NRL hiatus might give Melbourne Storm an advantage when the league resumes next month, according to Cooper Cronk.

The Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) announced that the NRL is planning to restart the coronavirus-hit season on May 28.

The competition was suspended after just two rounds on March 23 due to COVID-19, with earlier games having taken place behind closed doors.

Melbourne were among six teams to have won both their games prior to the NRL postponement and Cronk – who claimed two Grand Finals with the Storm before leading Sydney Roosters to consecutive titles – believes Craig Bellamy's fast-starting side will return stronger.

"I think Melbourne and Canberra [Raiders] are positioned perfectly," the 36-year-old Australian great told Fox League Live.

"Basically what is going to win you footy games is good defence, high completions and a good kicking game.

"Make the other teams make errors and then you kick on afterwards. And Melbourne has been doing that for a long period of time.

"[They] haven't lost a round one under Craig Bellamy since his beginning. So you would imagine that trend is going to continue."

The NRL is exploring radical plans to relaunch the 2020 campaign, with chief executive Todd Greenberg insisting all ideas were on the table.

Cronk added: "It's going to be a real mental battle for a lot of teams who are 0-2."

Cameron Munster has taken a playful dig at some of his "horny" Melbourne Storm team-mates by suggesting they would struggle to communicate if a ban on dating apps is imposed.

Players could reportedly be prevented from using platforms such as Tinder and Bumble under new NRL measures due to the coronavirus.

Five-eighth Munster thinks a lack of online interaction could cause a problem for certain younger members of the squad.

"It is interesting mate, we have some horny guys at our club," Munster told Sunday Night with Matty Johns.

"Cooper Johns, Tui Kamikamica and some other boys in our team.

"It will be interesting to see how those boys go around talking to other people because they don't really say too much.

"They are always on their phone gen Y. They will have to have some conversations with people now face-to-face. So it will be interesting to see how those guys go."

Chief executive Todd Greenberg on Sunday stated the NRL will continue unless the government calls for the season to be suspended.

Defending NRL champions Sydney Roosters succumbed to a second straight defeat to start the season as Daly Cherry-Evans' late drop-goal gave Manly Sea Eagles a 9-8 win.

Cherry-Evans split the uprights with a one-pointer in the 76th minute to settle a tight encounter played behind closed doors due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier, Tom Trbojevic and Daniel Tupou traded tries and Reuben Garrick and Kyle Flanagan a pair of penalties each before Cherry-Evans landed the decisive blow.

Melbourne Storm staged a late fightback to see off Cronulla Sharks 12-10 in a rematch of the 2016 Grand Final.

The Sharks led 10-4 going into the final 10 minutes. However, Cameron Smith converted Tui Kamikamica's try to level the scores and the veteran hooker slotted over a penalty four minutes from time to make it two wins from two for The Storm.

Canberra Raiders also have a 100 per cent record through two games after easing past New Zealand Warriors 20-6.

Despite events having to take place behind closed doors and restrictions on travel outside the country, Australia's major sporting leagues continue to plough on manfully amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Football, rugby league and Australian rules football are all vying for centre stage this weekend.

A look further afield means we've also got all you cricket and boxing fans covered.

Western Sydney Wanderers v Sydney FC – A-League

Normally one of the feistiest fixtures on the A-League calendar, the empty stands of Bankwest Stadium will feel particularly incongruous for the latest instalment of this local argument.

Sydney are sitting pretty at the top of the standings – seven points clear of Melbourne City and with three games in hand – but their only two A-League defeats this season have come courtesy of a pair of 1-0 defeats to the Wanderers, with Mitchell Duke the matchwinner on both occasions.

Roosters v Sea Eagles, Sharks v Storm – NRL

It's week two in the NRL and correcting false starts will largely be the order of the day on Saturday.

Sydney Roosters were beaten 20-14 by Penrith Panthers and will hope to make amends at home to Manly Sea Eagles, themselves dispatched 18-4 by Melbourne Storm.

It means the Storm travel with a spring in their steps to face Cronulla Sharks, who fell short in a 22-18 thriller against South Sydney Rabbitohs last time out.

New Zealand Warriors, who have remained in Australia due to travel restrictions back home, are also in action against Canberra Raiders.

Melbourne City v Sydney FC – W-League

Melbourne City were the dominant force in the W-League this term, topping the table undefeated, and head into Saturday's Grand Final as strong favourites to win their fourth title in the past five seasons.

City earned the right to host the match by demolishing Western Sydney Wanderers 5-1 in their semi-final, while there was a certain symmetry to Sydney FC progressing via a 1-0 win against Melbourne Victory.

Greater Western Sydney v Geelong - AFL

The first round of action in the AFL sees last season's beaten Grand Finalists Greater Western Sydney host Geelong – the 2019 minor premiers.

Elsewhere Essendon entertain Freemantle, Sydney Swans travel to Adelaide Crows and Gold Coast Suns take on Port Adelaide.

Tibo Monabesa v Toto Landero – WBC International light-flyweight title

The coronavirus outbreak has led to the vast majority of elite boxing action in the United Kingdom and the United States being cancelled, but there is an international contest of some intrigue in Indonesia.

Monabesa (20 wins, one defeat, two draws) is seeking to get back in world title contention having won successive bouts on the back of his sole career loss to Japan's undefeated WBC light-flyweight king Hiroto Kyoguchi.

Jakarta's home favourite will have game Filipino Landero (11-4-2) for company in the squared circle.

Rangers v Mountaineers, Matabeleland Tuskers v Mid West Rhinos – Logan Cup

Mountaineers can draw level with Mashonaland Eagles at the top of Zimbabwe's first-class cricket competition if they can see off a Rangers side languishing in last place and winless in six matches this season.

It's also day one of four when Mid West Rhinos travel to face Matabeleland Tuskers. Rhinos all-rounder Neville Madziva is the top run-scorer in the Logan Cup this season – his total of 361 including a maiden red-ball century.  

The coronavirus pandemic is still raising questions across sport, even with the global calendar decimated by cancelled and postponed events.

Coronavirus has, according to official figures, caused around 6,500 deaths from approximately 170,000 confirmed cases worldwide.

As the pandemic continues, there are going to be some big decisions made in the world of sport over the coming week, with UEFA's 55 members set to come together – via video conference – on Tuesday.

The fate of this season's Champions League and Europa League will be up for debate, while Euro 2020 is also to be discussed.

Here is a look at the latest developments:


Ahead of Tuesday's meeting with UEFA, Italian football federation (FIGC) president Gabriele Gravina confirmed he will call for Euro 2020 to be postponed, in the hope that might allow the Serie A season to be finished in June.

This proposal will likely be backed by LaLiga boss Javier Tebas, who is convinced the top-flight season in Spain will be completed. Swiss FA president Dominique Blanc, meanwhile, has confirmed he has coronavirus.

It is not yet clear what will happen in the Premier League, with the teams set to reconvene for another meeting on Thursday and, after coming under criticism for stating that the season should be considered "null and void", West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady defended her comments.

"The Premier League and EFL are doing all we can to ensure the season is finished. Including suspending games, isolating players, and if required playing games behind closed doors and into the summer months," she wrote on Twitter.

"My point was safety of fans, players, staff come first and if the remaining games just cannot be played the only fair and reasonable thing is to declare [the] season null and void."

In a newspaper column, Wayne Rooney backed the decision to postpone fixtures in England, but criticised the Premier League and EFL for taking so long to make the call.

More players have confirmed they have tested positive for COVID-19.

Valencia defender Ezequiel Garay became the first LaLiga player to be named as having the illness, with the club adding four more members of the first-team playing and coaching staff had also tested positive.

Valencia's former Manchester City defender Eliaquim Mangala confirmed later on Sunday that he was one of those with the virus.

In Serie A, Sampdoria's Omar Colley posted a video to his official Instagram account in which he refuted his club's claim that he too had received a positive test result.

Meanwhile, Manchester United's Paul Pogba joined the raft of sports stars pledging to support people during the crisis, as he launched a fundraiser to mark his 27th birthday.

In France, Paris Saint-Germain announced they had extended the suspension of all club operations until March 18.

In the United States, Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert – the first NBA player to be diagnosed with coronavirus – provided a positive update on his recovery, while also stating: "I wish I would have took this thing more seriously and I hope everyone else will do so because we can do it together."

Not all sport has been postponed just yet, with rugby league in both Britain and Australia continuing for now.

In Super League, Castleford Tigers ran out winners over defending champions St Helens, though in the National Rugby League (NRL), Melbourne Storm's Cameron Smith called for the competition to be suspended.

Round two is set to go ahead next week, albeit behind closed doors, while New Zealand Warriors have elected to remain in Australia rather than return to Auckland, where they would have to self-isolate for 14 days.

Cameron Smith called for the NRL to suspend the competition on Sunday, allowing time to assess the impact of coronavirus rather than reacting "daily or hourly" to the ever-changing situation.

Smith was part of the Melbourne Storm team that recorded an 18-4 triumph over Manly Sea Eagles in the opening round of the 2020 campaign.

However, the former Australia captain feels continuing to play is not the best course of action in the midst of the pandemic, given the amount of travel involved for the teams.

"If we make a decision to suspend the comp for a couple of weeks then I think it just gives everyone an opportunity to actually sum up the situation a little bit better rather than being reactive daily or hourly," Smith said in quotes appearing on the NRL's website.

"We want to be playing rugby league. We'd love to be playing. But this is a serious thing that's happening at the moment.

"I'm really confident with the measures we're taking as a club, particularly from our CEO Dave Donaghy and our doctor to minimise the risk around our organisation and anyone getting the virus or being around large crowds.

"This is a view of our entire team. Given our team travels a lot. We're travelling virtually every second week of the competition so we're going to be exposed to airports, air travel and large crowds a lot.

"Our players aren't concerned about themselves, they're concerned about their families and making this issue which is already global, making it much bigger than what it is in Australia at the moment."

All round two fixtures are to be staged behind closed doors after the federal government declared a ban on non-essential gatherings of more than 500 people due to COVID-19.

Smith is willing to carry on playing in empty stadiums for now, with Melbourne due to face Cronulla Sharks next Saturday in Sydney.

"Going into round two, there's no crowds so we're not going to be around large crowds. So I'm comfortable with where things are at the moment," Smith said.

"If I wasn't comfortable I wouldn't have come up this weekend and the rest of the players wouldn't have come up either. But this thing changes all the time."

Luciano Leilua enjoyed a winning return to WIN Stadium as he scored a game-breaking try to help Wests Tigers to a 24-14 victory over St George Illawarra Dragons on the NRL's opening weekend.

The hosts made a flying start when Mikaele Ravalawa was awarded a penalty try in the second minute – Corey Thompson shoving the Fijian to the floor as he was about to ground an in-goal kick at the end of a 70-metre run.

David Nofoaluma grabbed a clever kick from the inspired Benji Marshall, who booted eight points, to level matters but Zac Lomax went over and added his own extras to ensure the Dragons led 12-8 at the break.

Marshall added a try to his haul and resumed the role of provider for Leilua, seeing the Tigers hit the front before Nofoaluma made the win safe with his second of the match.

In the earlier game on Sunday, Melbourne Storm won 18-4 at Manly Sea Eagles.

Manly led 4-2 at the end of a gruelling first half, courtesy of two Reuben Garrick penalties to one from Cameron Smith.

However, Smith was on hand to convert a quick brace from Suliasi Vunivalu and Tom Eisenhuth was the beneficiary of his own grubber in the 74th minute as Melbourne shut out their opponents after the break.

Forthcoming NRL games are now set to be played behind closed doors in line with the Australian government’s precautions against COVID-19.

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