Yona Knight-Wisdom scores confidence-boosting win at Scottish nationals

By December 06, 2019

Yona Knight-Wisdom got his 2019/2020 season off to a stellar start when he won the three-metre springboard at the Scottish National Championships at The Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, Scotland on Friday.

Knight-Wisdom, who hopes he will be wearing his Jamaica colours in Tokyo, Japan next summer, scored 424.55 points to take the gold medal.

Jordan Houlden (404.35) from the Sheffield Diving Club in England and James Heatley (402.05), Knight-Wisdom’s training partner, finished second and third, respectively.

Naturally, the 2019 Pan Am Games silver-medallist was chuffed about getting off to such a positive start.

“It’s always nice to win a competition, a big confidence booster and a really good score for this time of year! Count wait for my next opportunity to compete!” he told Sportsmax.TV afterwards.

However, the 1.9m tall, 24-year-old diver revealed that he did not get off to the best start on Friday.

“I started off with a nervy and shaky preliminary in which I scored 363.80, way off the kind of scores I’m aiming for,” he confessed while also explaining that finding out how much he had improved during the offseason was his primary objective.

 “Of course, I always want to dive well, but for me, this competition was not about the result or the performance, it was just about learning where I’m at and seeing what, if anything, needs to be tweaked or changed as we go into 2020.

“With that being said, for me, the preliminary performance wasn’t good enough and I’m unsatisfied with that, but what I was able to do in the final was actually execute my dives with almost the correct technique that I’ve been working so hard on so far this season with my coach Jenny.”

Notwithstanding the disappointment with his early-round execution, Knight-Wisdom could not deny how sweet it was to come away with the win.

“Taking the gold medal with a decent score gives me a whole heap of confidence going into the new year and also has shown me that what we’ve been working on every day in training is proving effective,” he said. “I just need to continue on the same path and look after my body. This is just a glimpse into what can be achieved.”

He will go for another medal in the one-metre dive on Saturday.


Leighton Levy

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