History-making Haitian swimmer leads fundraising drive for Olympic dream

By May 23, 2019

Haiti’s history-making Olympic swimmer Naomy Grand’ Pierre is leading a campaign to raise US$150,000 to fund teams to the CCCAN for the next two years, the World Championships in South Korea in July, and the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

The 2019 Central American and Caribbean Amateur Swimming Confederation Championships will be held in Barbados in June while the World Championships are set for South Korea in July. Haiti plans to send seven-member teams to each of these competitions in 2019 and 2020.

The Georgia Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. & Sons and Daughters of Haiti, Inc. have undertaken several initiatives to raise the desperately needed funds.

Among those initiatives will be a Meet and Greet with Grand’ Pierre on Thursday, May 23, at the Coconut Grill at Steven Reynold Boulevard in Atlanta. A Boston Meet and Greet is also being planned for July 29.

Grand’Pierre, the first female swimmer ever to represent Haiti at the Olympics, will share her journey, as she talks about the challenges she has faced. Until Rio 2016, Haiti had been absent from the Olympic Games since 1996. As such, when Grand’Pierre arrived in Rio, she made global headlines.

Since 2016, Haiti has registered over 10 new athletes and built the Haitian National swim team, which has competed at every World and Caribbean championship since its inception.

The three-member team that competed at the Carifta Games in Barbados earlier this year won four medals and set six Haitian records.

Donations can be made to the Haiti swimming website https://sndhaiti.org/events

The 22-year-old Grand’ Pierre has been busy lately in her efforts to revitalize swimming in Haiti. At the country’s national swimming championships on May 16, she held a swim clinic for scores of enthusiastic Haitians, met with the British Ambassador at the Canadian embassy there. She also attended meetings where the future and progression of Haiti swimming was discussed with key stakeholders including the national swimming coaches.

They also announced a uniform partnership with Caribbean Apparel.

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