Jamaican aquatic athletes depart for two-month China stint

By July 11, 2018
The Jamaican swimmers who and coaches who departed for China on Wednesday. The Jamaican swimmers who and coaches who departed for China on Wednesday.

More than 20 athletes from Jamaica’s aquatic sports departed Jamaica on Wednesday for China under the Jamaica/China Technical Cooperation Project on Sports Coaching.

The athletes are part of a larger contingent of more than 100 athletes from seven sporting disciplines who will make the trip to China where they will spend 60 days being exposed to high levels of coaching and competition.

Fifteen traditional swimmers will make the trip. They include Akeem Alleyne, Zaneta Alvaranga, Brianna Anderson, Saidah Brown, Kito Campbell, Tiara Campbell, Paris Clare, Karci Gibson, Zachary Jackson-Blaine, Zachary Johnson, Paige Lewis, Kaheem Lozer, Dominic Mullings, Devaughn Robe and Kyle Sinclair.

There are also 11 Artistic swimmers in the contingent and they include Ajoni Llewelyn, Alana West, Arianne Smith, Gabrielle Hoo, Imani Salmon, Kelsey Beckford, Laila Bailey, Mishka Gordon, Nyouka Baugh, Regan Griffiths and Shamike Gordon.

While in China these teams will undergo rigorous training in both theory and practical work and will also have the opportunity to compete. They will train at world-class training venues that have state-of-the-art facilities including indoor Olympic pools, dining facilities, fully equipped gyms and first class accommodation.

The swim team will train at the Haigeng Training Venue, reputed to be the largest sports-training centre in China, located in Hunming City in Yunnan Province. Located at an altitude of 1889m above sea level, it offers the opportunity for high performance. Meanwhile, Artistic Swimming will train at the Swimming Training Venue in Chenzhou City in Hunan Province that also boasts world-class facilities.

The swimmers will have a management team that includes Team manager Georgia Sinclair, Liasion Officer Andrea Hanson and coaches Rory Alvaranga and Ishmedo Wolfe.

The Artistic team will have Team Managers Jacqueline Neil and Patsy Thomas as well as coach Nicole Chin-Shue chaperoning them.

Both teams are scheduled to return to Jamaica on September 5, 2018.

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