Jamaica play new system, defeat TT 51-40

By October 10, 2018

Sunshine Girls assistant coach Winston Nevers said experimenting with a new style of play was a major contributing factor to the manner in which the team defeated Trinidad and Tobago’s Calypso Girls 51-40 to win their two-match series on Tuesday night.

The players struggled with the new system, he said, but the team still came out on top.

“We did not execute well because it’s a new system we tried. I don’t worry about it,” he told Sportmax.TV, indicating that they will not take those risks against the strong English team they will play in a three-game series beginning on Thursday.

Jamaica, playing without their star shooter Jhanielle Fowler-Reid, overcame the AFNA champions 51-40 in a match that was close at the tied at the half-time interval. At the end of the first quarter, the home team led 14-13 but at halftime, the scores were tied 28-28.

Jamaica began to pull away in the third quarter to lead 42-33 before going on to secure their second victory in the two-game series.

In Fowler-Reid’s absence, goal-attack Shanice Beckford led the scoring for Jamaica with 29 from 36 attempts. Shantal Slater 13 from 16 and Thristina Harwood nine from 14, also helped take Jamaica to victory over their rivals for whom Samantha Wallace scored 28 from 33 attempts.

Khalifa McCollins was also impressive playing goal attack scoring nine from 11 while Tahirah Hollingsworth scored three from her five attempts.

But while TT may have been buoyed by their performances against the world-number four team, Nevers didn’t think Jamaica performed well in executing their new system that is being designed to give Jamaica a ‘Plan B’ in the event of the absence of their two world-class shooters.

“We are working on concentration and decision making,” he said.

“When Jhanielle is in the circle or Shantel Slater or Shimona Nelson, they tend to play the ball up from even far inside the mid-court. So, what we want them to do is to keep possession of that ball, because if we have short shooters, we cannot play the ball like that (high). They will have to carry the ball straight to the circle.

“Even if we play Jhanielle, we want to see them keep possession of the ball, so we do it deliberately so they can stay in control of the game, keep possession, play the ball around and get it inside the circle.”

Nevers said the scores were close in the first half because the shooters were off, but once they reverted to the taller shooters in the second half Jamaica restored its dominance.

“We are looking at if we should go to a tournament and Jhanielle or Romelda get injured, we are looking at moving the ball around, and sometimes you have tall defenders and they don’t tend to pick down below so wonderful, so we try to play the ball low. This means we have different combinations. One where we play the ball high and one where we play the ball low.”

Nevers said the coaching staff wants to equip the Jamaican team to challenge the dominance of teams like Australia and New Zealand.

“When I came into the programme I told them about concentration, decision making and coordination, and shooting from distance, that is six feet from the post and eight-feet from the post, and so we want to bring different things,” he said.

“This is not to say we are going throw out everything but we want to add to the good things that we were doing and see if we can bring something new. Jamaica has been there for a number of years now and being third and fourth, so something has to change.”








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