Reggae Girlz woeful passing worries coaches

By October 09, 2018
Jamaica only completed 55 per cent of their passes against Costa Rica, a statistic that is worrying their coaches. Jamaica only completed 55 per cent of their passes against Costa Rica, a statistic that is worrying their coaches.

Assistant Coach of the Reggae Girlz Andrew Price on Tuesday praised the team for the character they showed during their nervy 1-0 win over Costa Rica but said there are concerns over the team’s inability to maintain possession of the football.

On Monday, Khadija Shaw scored in the 46th minute to give the Jamaicans a well-needed win after they lost their opening match 2-0 to Canada last Friday. However, after the Jamaicans scored they spent the remainder of the second half virtually hemmed into their own half and only just managed to keep the Costa Ricans from scoring before time ran out.

Price said the team showed their grit in the face of the persistent attacks from Costa Rica.

“We played well against Costa Rica. We really showed some character and true grit. It’s a step in the right direction,” Price told SportsMax.TV. However, he said the coaches do have some concerns.

Jamaica was only able to complete 55 per cent of their 249 passes during the match which was evident by the many turnovers they committed whenever the gained possession of the ball. It was particularly glaring in the second half when while under pressure, Jamaica hardly seemed capable of maintaining possession beyond two completed passes.

“Team accuracy in terms of passing has been a concern for the coaching staff. Even though we won the game by digging in and fighting, I think we made much to many turnovers. We have to learn to possess the ball a lot better,” said Price.

“We are going to work on it in the next couple of days while we do some recovery work but we have to keep possession, especially at this level. We can’t afford to turn over the ball or else teams are going to make you pay for it.”

Price said there were other elements of the game that the Reggae Girlz need to improve upon before they face Cuba on Friday.

“We are going to work on some more possession play, we also have to be much quicker in our transition from defence to attack,” he said.

“We have a lot of athleticism so we know we are going to have to utilize it. We have a lot of speed, we are going to use it to our advantage, play through our forwards so we can get the ball into Khadija Shaw, who always comes up trumps for us.”




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