Covid-19 & Cricket: The effects of ongoing disruption and a return to action

By SPONSORED May 01, 2020

Covid-19 has become a common part of our vocabulary for many of us since emerging at the beginning of the year. With thousands of people infected and some sadly losing their lives, a large portion of the world has been in some form of lockdown for months now. But with many businesses forced to close and all live events cancelled, how is this affecting sport in 2020?

The Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

During these unprecedented times, many of us are having to make major changes to our everyday way of life. With many of us living and working from home, these changes have begun to takes its toll on a majority of the world. However, as cases continue to increase and more information is collected on the virus, we are further understanding how the virus is transmitted.

However, with the order to stay home impacting a vast majority of us, this ongoing disruption has led to the cancellation or postponement of all major sporting events. This is an issue for many as promoters, bookies and the sporting body themselves have all lost out on revenue. With lack of merch sales as well as empty stadiums, this is a challenging time for sporting associations around the world. However, as the possibility of playing games behind closed doors begins to look likely, many bookies are taking bets on the return to cricket in the near future. In any case, it is still too soon to be sure about when cricket betting may be up and running again.

Financial Disruption To World Sporting Teams

As sporting events have been either postponed or cancelled until next year, this has taken its toll on some of the world’s leading organisations in terms of finances. This has been evident in pay cuts to non-playing staff as well as 20% cuts for coaches. However, there are several other sporting providers such as the cricket board that are unsure whether they will be able to make it through a prolonged period of lockdown measures. The Pakistan Cricket Board and several other international cricket bodies are eager to find a return to the sport as soon as possible. However, With the spread of the disease still continuing, there may be a possibility that games will have to be played behind closed doors. Though this is not the best possible outcome for the sport, this is looking like the most common answer.

The Possibility Of Games Behind Closed Doors

As we begin to understand the spread of the virus and the effect it can have on the body there are many wondering whether returning to sport of some kind in 2020 may be possible. However, until the peak of the virus has been worked through this is looking unlikely. With social distancing measures set to be in place for some time now, many are wondering whether a return to live sporting events in the next year is possible. This is in part down to nearly 25% of people contracting the virus are asymptomatic. A case such as this means that these people can have the virus but not show symptoms.

Because of this and how easy it is for the virus to spread; several sporting associations have said that although they would love a return to sport in the near future, they would not do so until it is safe. This is a point of view that has been echoed by sporting professionals around the world as well as the fans.

The Impact On Sport As A Whole

Though there are no clear signs of lockdown ending, there are many wondering just how much this will affect sport in the near future. With several sporting associations looking to cut costs and maintain training grounds, could we see substantial cuts to staff as well as pay reductions to save smaller clubs from losing out on funds? Though this is unlikely to affect large premier league clubs, this has the potential to disrupt smaller leagues in sports such as football and rugby.

As the pandemic continues to take hold of the world, we are set to see far more disruption to, not only sport but to the economy around the world. But as many countries begin to lessen their restrictions on lockdown measures, could we be seeing a return to somewhat normal life in the near future.

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