Ganga blasts territorial boards - former Windies player claims local bodies hold back cricket development

By Sports Desk October 09, 2018
Daren Ganga Daren Ganga

Former West Indies player turned pundit Daren Ganga has accused the territorial cricket boards of being archaic and a blight on the development of the regional game.

Following a heavy innings and 272 run defeat at the hands of India earlier this week, the former batsman pointed to a capability to properly develop a new generation of talented players due to faulty structures.

While admitting that improvements had been made to governance structures at the regional level, Ganga, who has been particularly critical of his local board, the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB), believes there was plenty more to be done.

“The administrative arm and the vehicles that administer the game, I speak directly about the territorial boards, the constitution and framework is archaic and outdated. And they’re charged with the responsibility to support a modern, dynamic game,” Ganga told the Indian Express.

“There are lot of things being done to change but there is an old guard that continues to hold on to power, like the incumbent group of executives in Trinidad & Tobago who continue to inherit power. Those in control are not willing to relieve them because their self-interest comes in between with the greater good of the game. That’s a direct negative in the quality of play that we showcase to the world.”

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