"Magnificent" Janeek Brown to get even faster, coach declares

By June 10, 2019
"Magnificent" Janeek Brown to get even faster, coach declares University of Arkansas

Coach Chris Johnson believes Janeek Brown could have gone faster when she won her NCAA sprint hurdles title on the weekend and that she will definitely go faster in the future.

The 21-year-old Brown, a sophomore at the University of Arkansas, won the Division 1 100-metre hurdles title with a world-leading 12.40s, a new Jamaican national record and a personal best. She was fourth in the 200m final in a personal best 22.40s and ran the third leg on the Razorbacks silver medal sprint relay team.

Johnson was impressed with the young Jamaican who has aspirations of representing her country at the IAAF World Championships of Athletics in Doha, Qatar from September 28 to October 6.

“She did a magnificent job. She was really poised and focused,” Johnson told Sportsmax. TV on Monday, highlighting her incredible performance in the hurdles finals where she came within 0.01s of Briana Rollins record set back in 2013.

“You are always happy when a kid excels but she has really worked hard to get to this point and she has really done a great job of that race. She nicked her first one just a little bit so in my estimation she could have gone a little faster.”

Johnson, who moulded the young Jamaican ever since she arrived from Wolmer’s High School in Kingston two seasons ago, said Brown has improved significantly in her time at Arkansas.

“She is more experienced. She has got faster, her hurdles technique is getting better and she can manage herself better. She has gotten stronger in the weight room. She also understands the training now. She embraces the training. She trains hard. At the beginning, everything was a little new to her but now that she understands what it takes, she is much better off and her times reflect that,” he said, adding that her hurdling technique is pretty close to perfect.

“Her technique, I wouldn’t say flawless, there are just a few things we have to work on but her technique has really gotten a lot better. She is aware of what is going on and where her body is at in space. She has done a magnificent job of having those incremental improvements, which leads to great times.”

He does not see Brown giving up the hurdles for the 200m, however, indicating that she will get better at the half-lap sprint, which will lead to better times over the hurdles.

“The 200 is her secondary event but the two pair well together,” he said, “so as her 200 improves and it is going to improve even more, in my estimation, you will see her hurdles improve even more.”


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