Following season-best 6.73m jump, Chanice Porter encouraged by her progress

By May 24, 2019

On the heels of her season-best jump at the Meeting International D’Athletisme De La Grande Caribe Region Guadeloupe on Saturday, May 18, Chanice Porter is encouraged by her progression this season.

She is hoping it continues next month when she flies into Jamaica for the country’s national championships to select its team to the IAAF World Championships in Doha in September.

Porter got a season-best 6.73m jump in Guadeloupe, just two centimetres off her personal best and a 6cm improvement on her best ever season opener at the Spec Town Invitational in Georgia in early April.

All this while having to manage a tender ankle that has plagued her throughout her years in college and two years into her professional career. Still, the progress has been encouraging.

“I have made good progression over the past few weeks. Going from Spec Town Invite to Drake (Relays) and then to Guadeloupe, it was a huge improvement,” she told Sportsmax.TV. “It was a good progression of where I wanted to be.”

She indicated that she has been hitting marks in training that tell her she should be jumping well in competition.

“It was showing in practice that I was there, it was just for me to actually do the jump in competition. In practice, I don’t jump at all (because of the issues with her ankle) from a full approach in practice but when I do from short approaches you can see there is big room where I could jump farther so you can see there was a lot of progression from then to now. 6.73m is just two centimetres from my personal record so I am happy.”

She hopes to take this form into the national championships set for June 20-23 in Kingston.

“The goal is to move into trials with the same consistency that I have been showing over the weeks and hopefully I can improve upon the mark. I still have a lot more to learn and a lot more work to do, so hopefully, by trials, I will improve.”





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