Physics teacher adamant that Christopher Taylor be banned from Champs 2019

By March 22, 2019
Sanjaye Shaw sitting next to his attorney David Fitz-Henley (left) as he laid out the circumstances that led to the incident on December 15, 2018 when he claimed he was assaulted by Christopher Taylor. Sanjaye Shaw sitting next to his attorney David Fitz-Henley (left) as he laid out the circumstances that led to the incident on December 15, 2018 when he claimed he was assaulted by Christopher Taylor.

Armed with videos, emails and a bill outlining his medical expenses, Sanjaye Shaw, the Head of the Physics Department at Calabar High School alleged on Friday that high school’s track star Christopher Taylor grabbed him by the throat during an incident that occurred on the school grounds on December 15, 2018.

He also accused the school of not doing enough to ensure that its star athlete faces the required punishment for the alleged assault and has called for him to be banned from the ISSA GraceKennedy Boys and Girls Championships that begin next Tuesday at the National Stadium in Kingston.

However, the Inter-Secondary School Sports Association has said that Taylor, the 2018 World U20 400m silver medallist, will not be banned from the championships.

During a press conference held at the offices of Family Life Ministries in Kingston, Shaw and his attorney David Fitz-Henley presented videos which they said show the incidents that led to him being assaulted.

However, none of the videos showed Taylor assaulting the teacher nor did they show another star athlete Dejour Russell, knocking the phone from Shaw’s hand, and stepping on it.

Shaw's attorney – David Fitz-Henley - revealed that his client filed a complaint with the Constant Spring Police Station on Friday but explained that he would not be pressing charges at this point as they wait for the school to take appropriate action against the athlete.

The situation stemmed from the altercation that occurred at the school last December when Shaw was hosting a physics camp approved by the school. The track team was also encamped at the school.

He explained that the students at the physics camp were short on mattresses while the track team had in excess. He said some of the athletes were sleeping on two, three and four mattresses while most of the 63 students in his camp had nothing to sleep on.

He said he asked repeatedly if the athletes could share but his requests were repeatedly denied. A coach, he said, a Mr Clarke, said the mattresses were donated to the track team and not the school.

Shaw told the media that the coach, after denying the use of the beds, said he was going visit the physics lab to remove beds that they believed were theirs.

A short while later, was when the athletes stormed the lab and assaulted him and destroyed his phone.

Taylor and Russell were eventually each suspended for seven days on March 12, but while Russell did not breach the suspension, Shaw said he saw Taylor on campus on two occasions. The athlete, he said, also competed at the Digicel Grand Prix meet last weekend.

Prior to this, however, he said the school was reluctant to act. He provided emails and letters which documented the exchanges he had with the school regarding the incident. Among the documents, he presented to media was a medical bill for JMD$60,000.

He also said the students on the track team have been threatening him on an almost daily basis.

Fitz-Henley described the situation as “a sad day for Calabar” noting that as a past student of the school, he will lose many friends. He also claimed that many people called him to ask that he cancel yesterday’s press conference and suggested that Calabar’s values have been corrupted because “the track stars have become gods and the teachers are afraid of them.”



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