BAAA executive confident of victory at Nov.24 elections

By November 07, 2018
Members of the Qualified Innovators say they are confident of victory at the November 24 BAAA elections. Members of the Qualified Innovators say they are confident of victory at the November 24 BAAA elections.

The current administration the Bahamas Association of Athletics Association (BAAA) is confident it will be returned to office following elections due on November 24.

BAAA President Rosamunde Carey leads the Bonafide Innovators slate that defeated Mike Sands three years ago. The remainder of the slate is comprised of Carl Oliver, the first vice president, Sandra Laing, second vice president, Gail Clarke, vice president finance, Phillip Gray, vice president marketing and public relations, Cedricka Rolle, vice president of business operations, and Patrick Adderely vice president technical operations.

An estimated 70 dues-paying clubs in the Bahamian islands will vote for the new slate and according to Gray, they are assured of between 45 and 50 of those votes, more than enough to turn back the challenge of Drumeo Archer of Team Meco.

“Mrs Carey’s team is very confident that we have a majority of the voters for this election who are supporting her campaign, her team and are appreciative of what has been accomplished in the three-year tenure and want to see the completion of that work,” he told SportsMax.TV this week.

Gray said the current administration has had several successes over the last three years and are deserving of the opportunity to continue the important work of transforming the BAAA into a world-class organisation.

“The most significant success of her tenure would be the ratification and ascension of the new constitution that now mirrors that of the IAAF. It is allowing for and has begun the full transformation of the federation to a true business model,” Gray explained.

“In addition to that, we’ve seen significant success of the federation at both regional and international meets, the full rebranding of the BAAAs, and the increase in partnerships with corporate entities and the general public at large. Also, being more accessible to our partners and stakeholders.”

Gray does not believe Archer to be a credible threat. The Team Meco leader was an elected member of Carey’s executive following the last election. He told SportsMax.TV that Carey ran an exclusionary and opaque executive.

“Archer was a member of the executive team, elected from the opposing team the last election. We do not see him as a challenge. He was seen as a dissenting force throughout this administration. The way we wish to see the federation progress is not been a part of his mantra,” Gray said.

“We are not in the least bit concerned about that. He certainly has his platform and we are forging ahead with moving the federation forward to the business model we have cleared the pathway for.”



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