Japanese Olympic Committee president denies indictment reports amid corruption probe

By Sports Desk January 11, 2019

The president of Japan's Olympic Committee has denied reports that he has been indicted after French judicial authorities launched an investigation into allegations of corruption in relation to the awarding of the 2020 Tokyo Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Friday stated it has been in close contact with authorities in France after Tsunekazu Takeda was placed under investigation.

Takeda, also the IOC's marketing chair, said he was interviewed in Paris regarding the bidding for the Games and vowed continue to cooperating fully in the probe, but said he was not indicted.

"It appears that wrong information, to the effect that I was indicted, is being released." said Takeda.

He added: "Note that this case is worrying Japanese nationals supporting us towards the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, but I will continue to cooperate with the investigation onwards in order to clear up suspicions.

"Also, I appreciate your understanding that I cannot make detailed comments on the pending case under investigation."

The IOC stated: "The IOC is 'partie civile' in this investigation and has been in close contact with the French judicial authorities. The IOC Ethics commission has opened a file and will continue to monitor the situation -  and is meeting today.  Mr Takeda continues to enjoy the full presumption of innocence.

"These allegations refer to events before the IOC introduced far reaching reforms.  With the reforms of Olympic Agenda 2020 the IOC reinforced its code of ethics and introduced an approved list of consultants. 

"In order to be on the list the consultants have to declare that they respect the strict IOC rules on governance and ethics, and in particular anti-corruption.  Candidate cities can only hire consultants that are on the list."

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