Despite loss of sponsor, ISSA to maintain cash support to schools at Champs 2019

By March 13, 2019

President of the Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association Dr Walton Small said plans to increase financial support for schools participating in the 2019 Boys and Girls has been put on hold until they can find a sponsor to replace telecommunications company Flow.

Flow’s three-year JMD$81 million sponsorship of Champs ended in 2018 with the company deciding that their 10-year relationship with the all-island, high school championships had come to an end.

Dr.Small, who steps down from the presidency in June, said the loss of the sponsor has been impactful. ISSA provides each school participating in the championships with a minimum of JMD$50,000 plus additional funds to assist with transportation. The farther the school is from Kingston, the more they receive for transportation.

Also, the number of points each school earns at Champs will also factor into how much money each school gets. For each point won at Champs, a school gets somewhere between JMD$2500 and $3000 per point earned.

In some instances, schools can literally walk away with millions of dollars that go towards their athletic programme.

The ISSA president said that with the loss of the sponsor, ISSA will now have to absorb those costs for Champs 2019 set for March 26-30 at the National Stadium in Kingston.

“The impact would have been significant but one of the things I indicated when I took over as president is that we must always have something for a rainy day like this,” he told Sportsmax.TV during the launch of the 2019 Championships at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston on Wednesday.

“ISSA will be taking up the deficit because we are going to make sure that the quality of the competition is even better. Yes, we understand that sometimes you have to invest in your own product.

“We were thinking of increase the re-flows  to schools but we will not be able to do it this year. But come next year it will happen because we are now going to go back to the market to get a significant sponsor and once we get that sponsors we will be able to give an increase of reflows to our schools.”

Leighton Levy

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