'I thought I was going to die'- Bolt wasn't ready for Formula 1 lap with Hamilton

Usain Bolt

World’s fastest man Usain Bolt is no stranger to careening down the track at high speeds but even he was taken aback to how fast Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton does it.

Bolt joined Hamilton for a lap around the track on Sunday as the recently retired athlete joined festivities ahead of the world-renowned race series, which continued with the US Grand Prix.  

”I genuinely was not ready for that,” Bolt told Foxsports.com.

“That was really stressful. He took the traction control off. I thought I was going to die.”

And Hamilton was the first to admit he was eager to show the sprinter a new level of speed    "It was so good. I pushed the car to the max because I wanted to scare him to death,” Hamilton said.  The Brit could claim a fourth world title if things go his way at the Austin, Texas meet.

Bolt, who retired from the sport of track and field following this summer’s London World Championships, played the role of starter for the event’s formation lap.  The decorated Olympic Champion was joined at the event by legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer who introduced the drivers ahead of the as they made their way out onto the grid.    


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