SSFL: Trinity East, San Juan North chase top-five spots

With the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) season just beyond the half-way stage, the jostle for positions has intensified.

Trinity College East and San Juan North secondary schools are separated by the small matter of two points, a fact that will change when the teams meet on Wednesday.

The visiting Trinity College side are coming off a big surprise victory over defending SSFL champions, Shiva Boys’ Hindu College and must be confident.

Making things more interesting is the fact that Kerdell Sween, who was one of San Juan North’s key players last season, is now with Trinity.

Sween scored a gem in last Wednesday’s encounter against Shiva and will be looking to take that confidence into the game where he will face friend Brandon ‘Sprite’ Semper.

San Juan North have also been proving themselves a competitive force, not losing a game this season.

Their position on the table, sixth, has come because they have drawn all of six times this season, including last weekend’s 3-3 stalemate against Carapichaima.

San Juan, if they can begin to put some wins together, could start against Trinity and from there, no place among the top teams is safe.

Kyle Roach/Student Journalist

Trinity College East Secondary

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