SSFL: Shiva try to get used to playing home games away

Shiva Boys’ Hindu College, on Wednesday, face their second home game of the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) since their home ground was banned when they go to St Augustine Secondary.

The defending champions have been in free-fall since the league announced they would no longer be allowed to play home games at their venue.

In their first home game after the ban, Shiva were dismissed by Trinity College East and to make matters worse, gave up two goals to draw with St Anthony’s College last weekend.

The results meant that Shiva, who also had a winning result reversed on appeal, now sit fourth in the standings, after initially leading it.

While Hayden Ryan, Shiva Coach, has lamented the administrative difficulties of the team, he does believe the players have a part to play in getting the team back on track.

According to Ryan, the team needs to adjust its attitude.

St Augustine are just below Shiva on the tables, the one-point difference not accounting for much with the former’s game in hand yet to be counted.

St Augustine are also coming off a good win, a 3-1 win over Queen’s Royal College, though they would like to forget their 4-1 defeat at the hands of St Mary’s College a few days earlier.

Shemmiah Lewis/ Student Journalist

Shiva Boys’ Hindu College

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