Jamaica's Bryan to quit Kansas State

Christoff Bryan

It seems as if 2017 NCAA Division I high jump champion Christoff Bryan has jumped his last jump for Kansas State University (KSU).

The 21-year-old Jamaican, a junior at KSU, cleared 2.21m to win his first national division one high jump title last Friday, joining the likes of Erik Kynard, Scott Sellers and Nathan Leeper as jumpers who have won titles while representing KSU.

However, Bryan told SportsMax.tv Monday that his days of representing the Wildcats are over.

“I already have plans in place. I won’t be at K-State anymore,” said Bryan whose collegiate career has been hampered by a persistent knee injury that has caused him to not live up to his school's or his own expectations.

“I have decided that it is time to go because there hasn’t really been anything done to really ensure that my knee will get better,” said a frustrated Bryan.

“For my future as Jamaica’s next in line to take up from where Germaine Mason left off, to carry the flag in the high jump, I decided that I need to leave.

“I haven’t been happy here because of the jumping with pain. They have tried stuff here and it just really hasn’t worked. I don’t think they took my knee as priority, so I have decided to leave and I will be looking to resume my collegiate career at another school.”

Kansas State Coach Cliff Rovelto said the school’s trainers and doctors did what they could to help Bryan but he is accepting of his decision to leave.

“It’s totally fine. We don’t want someone to be here that doesn’t want to be here, whatever the reason is. I have no problem with someone wanting to leave if they think that’s what’s best for them.”

He said he thought the Jamaican had a good career while at Kansas State University, an institution that has a number of Jamaican athletes on its roster, including NCAA discus champion Shadae Lawrence and her sister Shardia.

“There are a lot a ways you can measure performance. Ultimately, it is based on how they perform at championship meets.  I don’t know off the top of my head how many conference championships he’s won, but he has won a few of those. He had six opportunities to be an All-American in three years. He has been a champion, he has been a runner up. He has been third, he’s been fifth,” Coach Rovelto said.

“I don’t know if anyone else in the country that has had the same kind of record over that three-year period. So I would see it as being pretty good.”

He said he wished Bryan the best.

Bryan meanwhile, said he is skipping Jamaica’s national championships later this month to give his knee a chance to rest and to find a new school to attend in the fall.

“It’s been really tough dealing with it, and also trying to treat my knee with all those painkillers has caused another problem where I have been having stomach issues because my stomach lining has been eroded by all the anti-inflammatories I have had to be taking, so I have decided to call my season early and try to find out where I will be next coming school year,” he said.

“A school that can get me better, get my knee better and get me back to my best.”


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