World Champs: Cameraman sends world champion Bolt tumbling

Cameraman crashes into Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt escaped American rival Justin Gatlin for the second time in as many outings to claim the men’s 200m title at the IAAF World Championships, but had no such luck against a cameraman on a Segway.

The rolling media personnel, who tracked the sprinter following his latest triumph, bumped into the ankle height iron barriers surrounding the tracked, before careening straight into the legs of the double world champion, which sent him tumbling over.

Initial concern for the superstars safety seem to have been quickly set aside, however, as Bolt jogged off from the incident with a smile on his face.  The sprinter still has once race to go at the event, the men’s 4x100m hurdles. 

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World Championships: Usain Bolt: Justin Gatlin: Cameraman